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The condition of 3 kinds of lives of duty field white-collar
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Sketch of duty field allergy one: The job is oblivious of oneself, do not know to enjoy

High pay is not taken in vain. The backside of thick substance income is white-collars are paid close to overdrawing insanity. As a result of high pay white-collar mostly very outstanding, nurturance assiduous good convention, together with grows in the praise sound of teacher parent as a child, the nature after working so also hopes to get boss approbate. On the job they appear very " good " , be willing to swallow a company marble " exploit " -- below the circumstance that does not have extra pay ground of be most willing to is accepted turn over the workload of times, again and again of prolate working hours, boss a variety of nagging tall pay win tall get one's own back, they are on-the-job on field plain sailing really.

However, they are enjoyed innocently it seems that however " redound " . The white-collar figure with as bright as the dress in ordinary person memory, decorous bearing is different, their outside not care a nut to oneself. On dress, they everything conforms to the principle of simplicity, not exquisite life is savoured, a little raunchy even, male a stubbly beard, one face vicissitudes of life; Female criterion often a few days do not change appearance, aesthetic feeling is devoid. Not although character of life of be particular about has damage at individual figure, but still also say to go up free and easy. And the problem of BT white-collar depends on: Once do not work, they lost the way of the life, feel restless, faineant, depressed be agitated, simply without joy of life.

The ordinary person says: Loose  of spruce  of ぷ have a nightmare farsighted joyous 鳥 T a group of things with common features maxim is however:  hairpin  this ぷ sole

  Sketch of duty field allergy 2: Selfish

There are oneself only it seems that in the eye of BT white-collar. Actually, they are not intrigue against each other, plan individual interest, it is the feeling that they value ego too only, consequently oversight the feeling of others. On the job, they think their task is the most important, go hammer and tongs finishing, if the colleague asks him to help,do a few things, can suffer rebuff; In daily life, do not count on he concerns to do well and club together gives some colleague to spend birthday, he always is very " alone " , would rather read a book in cafe alone, also do not wish to gather with everybody do a few " no point " thing. They are without scruple the view that the earth's surface amounts to him, satisfy oneself need, the requirement that does not understand him grievance to take care of others it seems that -- of course, they also do not ask people dies for oneself commonly. Look in them, everybody should oneself take care of oneself, besides oneself, others is him to be in charge of without obligation. Buddhist nun of their believe in collects " strong person philosophy " , ask oneself progress ceaselessly on one hand, distain only to weak, addlehead, incompetent weak on one hand do not have however sympathize with.
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