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Protect you to see a person do not walk along the interview method of the eye
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When interview, what can have official of be in charge of an examination done in the past according to applicant, do how, will foreknow the working performance after he enters a company.

The inquiry should pay attention to a method in the past, "Star " interview law -- " STAR " it is the most commonly used: "S " it is Situation, scene: "T " it is Target, target: "A " it is Action, the action: "R " it is Result. With this interview law very can fast mining gives the business that applicant had done in the past. Ask a scene first (Situation) : "Below what circumstance do before do this thing? " ask a target next (Target) : "What is the end that can you tell me you do this thing? " ask the operation next (Action) : "What action did you take to do this business? " ask a result finally (Result) .

For instance, some applicant can say: "My company before is sale champion, sale rank is the first all the time almost. " manager of a lot of invite applications for a job, branch manager can let very satisfactory: "Pretty good, this person is sale champion. " but to manpower resource expert character, this answer does not have any meanings, unit of choose and employ persons cannot get any information from which. Applicant says: "I am sold all the time very good. " interview official is about to examine minutely: "Be below what scene the sale is done well before you? The atmosphere of the company how? Product how? The area demand of the sale how? " ask again next: "What action did you adopt to assure sale? Be to often visit expert of client, organization to make a speech? Is lucky still, product good? " should ask a result finally, if he says " I am one of the company's best member that sell " , be about to ask him: "A few salespersons does your company have? Is what index will judge you one of best sales? Your sale is after all the first, or the 2nd, how much is particular sale? " the thing that examines minutely past place happens ceaselessly, the behavior expression that ability goes applicant asks.

Discern the true word of interview and crammer

Present applicant mastered skill of a lot of interview, invite applications for a job person those who want to know he says is fact or crammer have 4 tricks of the trade: The first, if applicant place says,be a fact, connect regular meeting to employ the first person, with " I... " come begin; The 2nd, the meeting when conversation appears have hope very much; The 3rd, his eyes will be orthoptic personnel of invite applications for a job, make public ground communication; The 4th, talking content is mixed apparently the content conform to on resume, perhaps concern him with what you master the content conform to of former company, at this moment, we can be judged basically, this person place says is a fact.
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