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Shenzhen talent net: Salt of of surname of Piao of pedal of large bamboo hat di
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1, the development of any enterprises is the most crucial is to depend on whether does this enterprise have very additional kind manager, and additional kind the thinking that the manager is truly fierce is him, and thinking is the most crucial is whether this thinking has inspiration and distinctive innovation capacity. This special charm that is the moral quality that people often says is in. The thinking direction of a manager decided the development way of this enterprise directly. Decision-making and direct can cause very major consequence. Good performance is value, bad performance is cost.

2, in eye of a lot of people, grooming is very professional thing, impose measure of different now science and technology apply, groom the feeling that more and more one kind is on altar, actually, we groom the goal that should achieve is decomposed, meeting discovery, no matter we use the method of what dexterity, the purpose no more than that should achieve finally is 3:

We all jobs want only can around move these 3 targets are begun, won't have big error; Now, we decompose the job that should manage place of these 3 targets to want to do come, can groom to the spot the job has a clear thinking:

Above all " be willing to listen " , this is we assure to groom a of the effect basic safeguard, should make our groom suffer numerous be willing to listen, it is methodical, this is sold as making the scene, the salesperson wants above all the thing that method allows a client to sell to your place generates interest, can accept you yourself, ability achieves the likelihood that clinch a deal. Grooming also is such, will tell commonly, want to make a person is interested in listen to have two reason only: It is he feels curious, 2 it is he feels to be able to bring profit to oneself; So, groom the opening remarks that division designs him lives with respect to essential grip this at 2 o'clock, all uses methods are important also fast button this at 2 o'clock:

Next " be willing to say " , this is to do the spot to groom the 2nd goal that need achieves, the person that should let all acceptance groom namely can have participate in groom, have strong expressional desire, want to achieve such result, groom division uses the following kinds of methods normally:

Of course, in the process that uses these methods, the person that let recieve training has participation desire want skill of be particular about, above all, should observe and study is familiar, abandon a few use repeatedly, everybody familiar to the ear can the method of detailed, want to let participator feel novel as far as possible; Next, want to notice to undertake effective design to these methods, for instance, the specific aim of the query is ambitious; Part drilling should add the element of interest sex, be about to teach Yu Le; Game does not fall into convention, want to have deeper revelatory sense; Discuss in group, the honorary feeling confluence that wants watchful general group arrives every group, let all participator have the mentality that defends small collective increase, such, recieve training person participate in a mood to be brought into play the most easily to rise.
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