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Guangdong saves labor to ensure hall: The person that return countryside to prov
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Guangdong saves labor to ensure hall to allot urgent announcement, every disaster area is versed in in Wu of another name for Guangdong Province personnel, if need to return countryside to provide disaster relief truly,

Announcement requirement, the enterprise should ensure work of on guard staff is steady, cannot remove at will labor contract; Provide disaster relief to needing to return country truly, arouse to the enterprise plans the vacation that take salary and assure to return hillock obtain employment
Post; To unemployment, preferential provide obtain employment service, ensure as soon as possible obtain employment. The announcement puts forward, censorial, letter visits labor insurance and labor dispute arbitration works, the dimension authority case that wants the member that rapid and preferential processing involves worker of disaster area Wu, the key ensures its salary on time sufficient forelock is put and other each rights and interests gets be maintenanced effectively. Maintain 12333 labor to ensure dimension authority to refer a telephone call the entire network that save couplet is expedite, of the member that accept worker of disaster area Wu in time complain and make processing quickly.

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