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Investigation shows exceed 7 to make woman of listless male prep above artificia
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There are 11 people in exceeding 7 to make every 100 people of listless Tianjin city artificially into duty field serious work is listless 3 endowment company worker scale is top

A few days ago, undertake in order to make an appointment with database of 1 million office worker for the foundation by website of talent of countrywide much home " job of personage of field of 2008 China duty is listless current situation findings report " show, the office worker that has 74.6% arose to the job listless, tianjin has 11 people to have serious and listless feeling to the job in every 100 people, among them occurrence job of record of formal schooling of three-year institution of higher learning and crowd of undergraduate course record of formal schooling is listless proportion is higher, male scale and female of degree prep above.

The profession is listless scale 3 endowment company staff is highest

Nowadays, on international use 3 index generally to measure a profession listless degree, namely affection exhaustion index, cynical index, individual makes feeling pitch. Have the amount that measures 3 index with listless job at the same time according to a person, will work again listless cent was become low, medium, 3 tall grade. A kind of symptom works to be spent gently listless; The job is spent in two kinds of symptoms are listless; Have 3 kinds of symptoms to be serious work at the same time listless. Investigation shows, 3 endowment the enterprise is on-the-job the scale with personage occurrence listless job is top, it is government organization or institution next. To company staff, from the point of findings, job of market department staff is listless taller, the case is most severe, it is personnel of research and development and customer service personnel next, and administrator job is listless degree is the smallest.

  Scale of youth of different age crowd is top

Investigate discovery, in the crowd of different age level, there is nearly 1/4 occurrence job in 25 years old of the following crowds listless, scale is top, and the crowd of 45 years old of above shows listless without apparent job phenomenon. In addition, look from individual feature, lack is fast force, outside the person that charges force, low self-esteem, jumpy person, and just had a job time the person with bad relation of member of not long, maiden, family appears likely also the job is listless.

 The expert is unscrambled

 Cause the work listless have 3 kinds of big factors

Psychology of Beijing Normal University fastens Professor Xu Yan to say, cause the work listless have 3 kinds of big factors, the concept that is unit development concept, culture and individual above all is consistent, whether does the unit offer competitive firewood reward for the worker. It is the job that the individual assumes next or the element of part respect, include: Responsibility of workload, overwork circumstance, job is clear, and the human relation in the job; Finally is to include the individual feature respect such as degree of the age, education, marital status, sexual distinction and individual the manner to the job.
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