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Include room singer
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Issue date: 2008-9-25 date of expiration: 2008-12-25
Number of invite applications for a job: Registered permanent residence of 8 people requirement: Guangdong Shenzhen
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted to ask professional: Relevant and professional
Want attend school one by one: Do not be restricted requirement of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Working experience: Do not be restricted to work area: Guangdong Shenzhen
Specific requirement: 1. Female / male 160cm above, disposition is optimistic, facial features is regular. 2. Sound is melting and moving, of fashionable and popular song sing. The person that arena performs experience is preferential. 3. As interactive as the guest inside bag room entertainment, adjust spot atmosphere.
Figure temperament beautiful, facial features is regular, the figure is well-balanced, fashionable avant-courier, disposition of the ways one gets along with others is easy, service meaning is strong, healthy, communicate and gregarious capability is strong, can accept challenge sex job, be good at appearance carries system, moral quality is good, have group collaboration mind, have affinity!
Connect a telephone call: 13717077553
Contact: Manager of the first month
Firm address: On edifice of news of area of cropland of Shenzhen city blessing
Working pay: The face is discussed

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