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Manager assistant
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Issue date: 2008-9-25 date of expiration: 2015-12-24
Number of invite applications for a job: The number is not restricted to ask registered permanent residence: Guangdong Shenzhen
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted to ask professional: Relevant and professional
Want attend school one by one: Do not be restricted requirement of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Working experience: Do not be restricted to work area: Guangdong Shenzhen
Specific requirement: Help human affairs or public relations manager handles a thing, recieve a client, ask response is quick, figure is good, accept high pay to challenge the job!
Intended person contact with oneself please!
The address is south new public house, take a car to south trade mart or Tian Sha village gets off arrive namely
Connect a telephone call: 13421383700
Contact: Bovine gentleman
Firm address: South new public house
Working pay: The face is discussed

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