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Advocate stylist
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Issue date: 2008-9-25 date of expiration: 2008-12-12
Number of invite applications for a job: Registered permanent residence of 1 person requirement: Guangdong Shenzhen
Requirement sexual distinction: Do not be restricted to ask professional: Relevant and professional
Want attend school one by one: Do not be restricted requirement of invite applications for a job: Full-time
Working experience: Do not be restricted to work area: Guangdong Dongguan
Specific requirement: 1, dress design or garment industry project kind record of formal schooling of above of professional three-year institution of higher learning, 3 years of above are famous and fashionable female outfit brand advocate experience of stylist station work
2, have to dress craft, structure, fabrics teach deep knowledge
3, have elder major to design the ability that make
4, have stronger popular element and information to be caught greatly with integrated ability
Connect a telephone call: 0769-85020008-217
Contact: Mr Huang
Firm address: Ren Zhonggang of bar of north of guard of door of Dongguan city tiger garden of industry of dispatch of industrial district garment
Working pay: The face is discussed

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